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‘Privacy Policy’ and ‘Terms & Conditions’ We value your trust. In order to honour your trust, LUCID STUDY PRIVATE LIMITED adheres to Ethical Standards in gathering, using, and safeguarding any Information you provide. LUCID STUDY PRIVATE LIMITED with Legal Name (also under the Brand Name ‘LUCID STUDY’) is a leading Incubation Company for Digital Education incorporated in Hyderabad, India for imparting learning. This Privacy Policy governs your use of the Application ‘LUCID STUDY‘ (‘Application’), (‘Website’) and its other associated Applications, Products, Websites and Services managed by the Company. Please read this Privacy Policy (‘Privacy Policy’) carefully before using the Application, Website, our Services and Products along with the Terms of Use (‘ToU’) provided on the Application and the Website. Your use of the Website, Application or Services in connection with the Application, Website or Products (‘Services’) or registrations with us through any modes or usage of any products including through SD Cards, Tablets or other storage / transmitting device … shall signify your acceptance of this Policy and your agreement to be legally bound by the same. If you do not agree with the terms of this Policy, do not use our Website, Application, our products and/or do not avail any of our Services. ‘User Provided Information’ The Application/Website/Services/Products obtains the information you provide when you download and register for the Application or Services or products. When you register with us, you generally provide (a) your name, age, email address, location, phone number, password and your Ward’s Educational Interests, (b) Transaction-related Information such as : when you make Purchases, respond to any offers or Download or use Applications from us, (c) Information you provide us when you contact us for help, (d) Information you enter into our system when using the Application / Services / Products such as : while asking doubts, participating in discussions and taking tests. The said Information collected from the Users could be categorized as “Personal Information”, “Sensitive Personal Information” and “Associated Information”. Personal Information, Sensitive Personal Information and Associated Information (each as individually defined under The Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules, 2011 (the “Data Protection Rules”)) shall collectively be referred to as ‘Information’ in this Policy. We may use the Information to contact you from time to time, to provide you with the Services, important information, required Notices and Marketing Promotions. We will ask you when we need more information that personally identifies you (Personal Information) or allows us to contact you. We will not differentiate between who is using the device to access the Application, Website or Services or Products so long as the log in / access credentials match with of Yours. In order to make the best use of the Application / Website / Services/ Products and enable your Information to be captured accurately on the Application / Website / Services / Products, it is essential that you have logged in using your own credentials. We will, at all times, provide the option to you not to provide the Personal Information or Sensitive Personal Information which we seek from you. Further, you shall, at any time while using our Application / Services / Products, also have an option to withdraw your consent you given us earlier (to use such Personal Information or Sensitive Personal Information). Such withdrawal of the consent is required to be sent in writing to us at the contact details provided in this Policy below. In such event however, the Company fully reserves “the right not to allow (dis-connect) your further usage of our Application/Services/Products etc., (earlier provided thereunder to you). ‘Automatically Collected Information’ In addition … our Application/Products/Services may collect certain information automatically including (but not limited to) the type of Mobile Device you use, your Mobile Devices Unique Device ID, the IP address of your Mobile Device, your Mobile Operating System, the Type of Mobile Internet Browsers you use and information about the way you use the Application/Services/Products. As is true of most Mobile Applications, we (the Company) also collect other Relevant Information as per the Permissions that you provide us while you log-in/register with us. We use an Outside Credit Card processing Company to bill you for our Goods, Services and Products. These Companies do not retain, share, store or use your Personally Identifiable Information for any other purpose(s). ‘Use of your Personal Information’ We use the collected Information : To analyse Trends, to conduct Research, to administer the Application/Services and Products, to learn about each user’s learning patterns and movements around the Application/Services and Products and to gather Demographic Information and Usage Behaviour (about our user base) as a whole. Aggregated and Individual, anonymized and non-anonymized data may periodically be transmitted to External Service Providers to help us improve the Application, Products and our Services. We will share your Information with Third-Parties only in the ways that are described here-below in this Policy. We may use the Individual Data and Behaviour Patterns combined with Personal Information to provide you with personalized content and only to make your Learning Objectives more better and useful. Third-Parties provide certain services which we may use : To analyse the data and information to personalize, drive insights and help us better your experience or our reach out to you with more Value- Added-Applications, Products, Information and Services. However, these Third-Party Companies do not have any independent right to share this information. We do not sell, trade or rent your Information to any Third-Party unless we have been expressly authorized by you either in writing or electronically to do so. We may at times provide aggregate statistics about our customers, traffic patterns and related site information to Reputable Third Parties. However, such Information when disclosed … will be only in an Aggregate Form and does not contain any of your ‘Personally Identifiable Information’. ‘LUCID STUDY’ will occasionally send e-mail Notices or contact you to communicate about our Services, Products and Benefits when they are considered an essential part of the Services / Products you have chosen. We may disclose Information : a) As required by Law such as to comply with a Subpoena or similar Legal Process, b) To enforce applicable ‘ToU’ including Investigation of Potential Violations thereof if any, c) When we believe in good faith that such out disclosure is necessary to protect our Legal Rights, to Protect Your Safety or the Safety of Others concerned, to investigate any Fraud, address Security or Technical Issues or in the process of our responding to a Government Request etc., d) To our ‘Trusted Service-Providers’ who work on our behalf and who do not have an independent use of the information we disclose to them and also those who have agreed to strictly adhere to the Rules set-forth in this Policy, e) To protect against imminent harm to the Rights, Property or Safety of the Application/Website/LUCID STUDY PRIVATE LIMITED or its Authorised/Registered (permitted) Users or the Public as required or otherwise permitted by Law, f) To our ‘Third-Party Service Providers’ in order to personalize the Application/ Website / Services / our Products for a better user-experience and to perform behavioural analysis, and g) Any portion of the Information containing personal data relating to Minors … provided by You … shall be also lawfully deemed … as to be given with the consent of such Minor’s Legal Guardian. Such consent is also deemed to be as provided on your registration with us (our Company) under this ‘Privacy Policy’. ‘Access to your Personal Information’ We will provide you our Website/Application/Services/Products etc., with the means to ensure that your ‘Personal Information’ (you provided while registering / logging in with us) … as is correct and current/present (upto-date). If you have filled out a User-profile, we will provide an obvious way for you to access and change your profile from our Application / Services / Website / Products. We adopt reasonable security measures to protect Your Password from being exposed or disclosed to anyone contra to these Rules of ‘Privacy Policy’ agreed and bound. ‘Cookies’ We send Cookies (small files containing a string of characters) to your Computer thereby uniquely identifying your browser. Cookies are used to track your preferences, help you login faster and aggregated to determine User-trends. This data is used to improve our offerings such as providing more content in areas of greater interest to a majority of our Application Users. Most Browsers are initially set up to accept Cookies but you can re-set your browser to refuse all Cookies or to indicate when a Cookie is being sent. Some of our Features and Services may not function properly if your Cookies are disabled for any technical/other reason(s). ‘Links’ We may present Links in a format that enables us to keep tracking of whether these links have been properly followed or not by our (Company’s) Users. We (the Company) use this information to improve our customized content. Clicking on such Links may take you to sites outside our domain. We are not responsible for the Privacy Practices of those other Websites. We always encourage Our (LUCID STUDY) Users to be aware when they leave our site to read those ‘Privacy Statements’ of each and every Website that collects your ‘Personally Identifiable Information’. This present ‘Privacy Policy’ applies solely to Information collected by our Website only but not otherwise. ‘Alerts’ We may alert you to Your e-mail or Phone (and/or through SMS/Call) to inform you about any new service offerings or such other information which we feel as might be useful to you while enjoying our Application/Webside/Services/Products etc., during your Registration with us (our Company). ‘Public Forums’ Your please note and always aware that “when you use certain features on our website like the Discussion-Forums and so in the process, you post/share your ‘Personal Information’ such as comments, messages, files, photos etc., (if you disclose any of such your ‘Personal Information’ etc in your profile or while you are posting on our ‘Common-featured Forums’) … also please note that such Information may be ‘publicly available’ and/or may be so available to our all Other Users also through our said Forums so will be in the Public Domain. Therefore, all your sharing etc of such Information on those commonly-available Forums/Domains using our Common-Features … be deemed as shall be always at your Own Risk(s) for which this Company shall not be otherwise blamed nor complained for. ‘Security’ We are committed to and much concerned to always safeguard the confidentiality of your Information by providing physical, electronic and procedural safe-guards to protect all the ‘Information’ we obtain, process and maintain. For example : We (our Company) always limit access to the Information (obtained from you, we process and maintain through our Website/Application etc) to our Authorized Employees only who otherwise we feel as need to know such Information in order to operate, develop and/or to improve our Website/Application/Services/Products but not otherwise. You are firmly advised so always Please be aware that although we endeavour to provide ‘Reasonable Security for Information’ we handle/otherwise deal/process and maintain … due to highly-improved Technology in the market, we feel as … can absolutely prevent all such otherwise potential ‘Security Breaches’ if any. ‘Retention period of User Data’ As on now, we think to retain ‘User Data’ while the ‘User-Account’ is active and for Three-Years at least thereafter also according to our Company’s legal and business requirements. Unless we are otherwise lawfully prohibited/restrained to, Our Company also further reserves this authority either to lengthen and/or to shorten the ‘Retention Period for any ‘User-Data’ etc., if felt necessary (like to free-up the Storage-Space etc) in complying with any Law(s) and/or voluntary Codes of Conduct. ‘Log information’ Please also note that when you access our Website, our servers automatically record Information that your browser sends whenever you visit the Website. These server logs may include information such as your web request, internet protocol address, browser type, browser language, the date and time of your request and one or more cookies that may uniquely identify your browser in the process. ‘User communications’ When you send an e-mail/other Communication etc to us through our Website, we may also retain those communications/messages etc in order to process your Querries, Inquiries, in responding to those your Requests and so to improve our Services as such. ‘Changes to this Statement’ As long as this Company evolves, our Company’s ‘Privacy Policy’ also may need to evolve as well to suit those situations from time to time thus, you are advised to always be required and reasonably expected to regularly keep reviewing any such changes/ modifications/additions/alterations etc., in our ‘Privacy Policy’. So long as you continue and remain our Company’s Registered-User under this ‘Policy’ and so using our Website/Application etc., … it shall be always deemed as that you are doing so thus as fully approving of all those changes/modifications etc,. ‘Your Consent’ We always wish so legitimately believe as that “Every-User to our Website/ Application / Services and Products must be in a position to provide an informed ‘Consent both prior to/while being our Registered User’ by providing any ‘Information required for the use of our Website/Application/Services/Products’ for all lawful purposes. This means “by duly registering with us, you are deemed as expressly consenting to our express and implied un-questionable authority/right for our collection, processing, storing, disclosing and/or otherwise lawfully handling all of your Information as set-forth by you in this Policy as at now and also as my be amended by us from time to time”. Processing our User’s Information in any way including (but not limited to) our activities in collection, storage, deletion, usage, combining, sharing, transferring and/or disclosing information etc., all since will take place in India, the User(s) if reside outside India please note that your Information/Data etc., in the process will be transferred, processed and stored always in accordance with the prevailing ‘Data Protection Laws & Rules’ of India applicable from time to time. ‘Grievances & Contact Information’ For any/all your ‘Grievance(s)’ concerned, you may contact to the : Grievance Officer Sri S.V. Narayana at Our Address: Plot no 66 and 67, flat no 101 Ajitha apartments, Haripuri Colony, Saroor Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana – 35, India. Our Grievance Officer shall undertake all reasonable efforts to address all your grievances at the earliest possible opportunity. Reach out to us on in case of any your queries etc,.

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